Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kelli's Adoption Waiting Survival Guide/List

1. Make a packing list for when you travel for your baby's birth
2. Make a list of people you will want to contact after the baby's birth including your adoption agency, attorney and friends and family
3. Buy an adoption friendly baby book
4. Buy an adoption Life Book - a place to put photos of the biological family and any correspondence you have shared with them during the pregnancy and birth
5. Buy a journal to use daily to share your feelings - you will value this later
6. Go out on dates, stay out late, sleep in - things you will have to do without for a while when your baby arrives
7. Go on spontaneous weekends away
8. Buy some basic baby gear - car seat, diapers, bottles, baby wipes and gender neutral clothing
9. If you are comfortable with this - start putting together a basic nursery
10. Take an Infant First Aid - CPR class
11. Look into local Mother's Clubs so you can join soon after baby is born and create community
12. Join an online adoption support message board
13. Take good care of yourself - exercise, eat well and get lots of sleep!
14. Look at baby announcements - choose one that is adoption friendly
15. Check your local hospital for parenting classes
16. Start thinking about baby names for both boys and girls - your match could happen soon and having names in mind will be helpful
17. Grieve any losses you have gone through to get to adoption - infertility and miscarriages or adoption situations that did not work out
18. Seek out counseling if you are finding yourself feeling excess anxiety or depression
19. Create your own village of people to keep you grounded through this time
20. Keep faith and hope - it will happen!!

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