Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My baby is a Kindergartner

I cannot believe it has been five years since we were blessed to become Ariel's parents. She is such an amazing daughter - a wonderful blend of strength and gentleness, wisdom and curiosity and a loving little human being that I am so proud of.

As I continue to watch her grow and blossom, I am so awed by the nature versus nurture of what goes into a person becoming who they grow to be. She is so like me in many ways and I also see her birth mom in her as well - Ariel has this pure beautiful voice that comes from her birth mom and she can talk your ear off; which comes from both of us.

I am volunteering one morning a week in her classroom and it is such fun to be in Kindergarten again! Watching the 20 little people in her class learning and soaking up the attention and care I bring with me when I arrive in the classroom.

It is a very special time watching my little one becoming more and more of who she will become as the years go by.

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