Monday, December 10, 2007

Adoption and Ariel

As a parent, you do what feels right in the moment and pray that it is indeed the right choice for your child - today was a day where one important part of Ariel's arrival into our family via adoption and our open discussions of it proved that we did indeed handle it well for her. For me, it was a two tissue moment.

Ariel and I had a conversation in the car this morning on the way home from the store that I wanted to chronicle here. I will quote her exactly as to paraphrase would take away some of the sweetness and meaning she was conveying. Therefore I will not correct spelling or grammar.

Ariel was talking about babies and getting married - this is coming from being very interested in fairy tales and princesses and they all get married in the end and live "happily ever after".

So she said "when I get big, big, big, I am going to get married Mommy". I just smiled and nodded my head. Then she asked me "Mommy do you think if I have a tummy ache/ouchy in my tummy too like you did, can someone very, very nice like my birth mommy hold a baby in her tummy for me?" "You know Mommy, actually she had a lot of love in her tummy when she holded me in there."

I told her first that yes her birth mommy had oodles of love in her tummy when she was growing her in there. I told her that we would have to wait until she is big, big, big and she marries a very nice man like Daddy. But if she cannot have a baby in her tummy, than yes of course someone special can hold a baby in her tummy for her too and have a lot of love in their tummy too.

It was such a sweet moment and made me feel so blessed we had the chance to get to know Ariel's birth mom and her family while Ariel was indeed growing inside of her womb and that we have such a sweet, honest and loving relationship with their family still. That we have talked openly and honestly about the adoption process and that Ariel sees it in a such positive light and something she would do if she could not have a baby grow in her body.

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fourty-something said...

There will be a lot more 2 tissue moments that you both share before she is big big big and marry a nice Rocket scientist (or equivilant) man like her daddy! It's only the begining Kelli. Enjoy every second of it, and I am sure you will b/c you seem to soak it all up, as well you should. Nothing warms the heart quite like that of a special moment, between a parent and their child (ren)